TERRA-MAE’s Vision is that of a healthy planet, where natural resources have enough time to regenerate and where its inhabitants can have a sustainable lifestyle, far from the poverty and excessive consumption extremes, ensuring their health, safety and well-being.


Our Mission is to help companies, entities, organizations and individuals to develop and implement their sustainability strategies, in order to make their businesses or activities more resilient in the long term, more competitive and more attractive to customers, employees and investors.

Our Values

Our consulting projects are rigorous, professional and objective, always based on up-to-date information and regulations on each sector of activity. The work is developed always by qualified consultants, specialized in the different project areas. We care for our human capital, as it is the basis of all our work.

We always seek to develop our projects in close collaboration with our customers. We share our know-how internally, with our customers and with society. We are aware that a more sustainable world is only possible by disseminating good practices. We have the humility to seek support from specialized partners and even from our competitors to go further and achieve the global sustainable development goals faster.

In Sustainability, each project and each client have specific needs. TERRA-MAE monitors each project in a personalized way and adapts its scope and stages of implementation to the state of maturity in sustainability of the activities in question.

We help companies contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

About us

Andreia Marques
Managing Director, MSc

TERRA-MÃE is a Project created by senior consultant Andreia Marques, dedicated to supporting the implementation of sustainability strategies in companies from various sectors, as well as monitoring sustainability certification projects. Andreia Marques is an international consultant with more than 20 years of professional experience in various sectors beyond consulting, such as oil & gas, construction and agribusiness She worked for 10 years in multinational consultancies as a main consultant in the area of environmental and sustainability consulting, having been based in Barcelona for 7 years. Andreia Marques has worked with North American and European clients, managing multidisciplinary teams in complex projects.

Andreia’s international academic background is comprehensive, highlighting the following formations:

  • Sustainability Management I Postgraduate at ISEG, 2022
  • Sustainable Finance I Executive education course at ISEG, 2022
  • Oenology | Postgraduate at Universidade Católica Portuguesa-USB, 2013
  • Environmental Hydrogeology | Master’s degree, University of Oslo, 2003
  • Environmental and Applied Geology | Honours degree at FCUL, 2001


Afonso Marques
Civil Engineer

Afonso Marques is a junior consultant with an academic background in civil engineering. He has experience in sustainable construction, planning and logistics, and in individual and team training. He worked for 3 years in the area of construction and rehabilitation in sustainable projects and urban readaptation in Portugal, having managed multi-disciplinary teams and held direct decision-making positions with multinational clients.

Tiago Aleixo
Hospitality and Tourism Manager

Tiago Aleixo is a junior consultant with an entrepreneurial profile with an academic background in Hotel Management, Design and Marketing. Through his career in luxury hospitality, the ecological challenges of the hospitality sector have become evident, adopting an approach based on sustainability. He is dedicated to Green Marketing for niche Tourism markets such as Agritourism, Wine Tourism and Craft Beer Tourism, looking for innovative solutions based on holistically sustainable organizational management practices.


The projects of TERRA-MÃE benefit from tailor-made teams, according to the scope of the work to be developed. The teams are made up of consultants who are experts in their areas of expertise, presented in the proposal to the client. We work in synergy with partner companies, whenever necessary.